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What Is Just for the Records?

Just for the Records is a new blog written by Frank Albi, CEO and founder of Cincinnati-based Business Information Solutions, Inc., which serves Southwest Ohio and nearby Indiana and Kentucky businesses.

As a well-recognized expert in the business records management arena since 1980, Frank wanted to share some of what he’s learned over the years–and continues to discover as technology advances. This blog gives him the chance to inform businesses, big and small, about records-related issues that may affect them.

Some of the topics Frank will address on Just for the Records include:

  • The fundamentals of running a successful business (achieve compliance, save time, control costs, and minimize risk and liability)
  • How to properly store and manage important files and data
  • Selecting the right electronic document backup storage
  • Why and how you should shred and recycle confidential records
  • Moving from paper to digital with scanning and imaging
  • When it’s time to dispose of obsolete computer hardware and electronic equipment.

If you have a question about managing business records and would like Frank to address it on Just for the Records, send us an email! We’d love to hear from you.

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