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About BIS

The BIS Queensgate facility

Business Information Solutions, Inc. was founded in 1980 when Frank Albi brought the offsite data storage industry to Cincinnati serving Southwest Ohio and nearby Indiana and Kentucky businesses.  Since then, BIS pioneered the use of computer and barcode technology for records center inventory control and developed a variety of innovative indexing, handling, and reporting techniques that go beyond records management to help our clients control their records.

The BIS executive offices are located in our Queensgate facility built in 1900 as the home of the P.R. Mitchell Company, a manufacturer of feather pillows.  This facility has been extensively adapted to provide exceptional record storage and handling capabilities.

As records have evolved from paper to computer tapes to digital images, BIS has continued to develop innovative services to create best practices for the industry.  Our employees are experts at helping companies achieve compliance, save time, control costs, and minimize risk and liability.

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