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August 31, 2011 / Frank J. Albi

Is Cloud Computing for You?

Cloud computing is a hot topic these days, but many don’t understand what cloud computing really is. Very simply, cloud computing involves the use of computer services accessed via the Internet. If you’ve ever bought a book from Amazon or paid a bill via your bank’s website, you’ve been computing in the cloud.

Is it safe?

When considering cloud computing, you might wonder if it’s safe. While the safety of public clouds can be debated, private clouds are considered more trustworthy to keep your data secure. That’s because private services utilize firewalls and other data security techniques to create a safe environment.

All business people care about keeping data secure, but it’s not usually cloud computing that puts your information at risk. Most data security failures have resulted from internal hardware and software failures or accidental deletions.

Cloud computing actually helps protect against such problems. By outsourcing your computing operations to companies that specialize in these services, your business has access to state-of-the-art hardware, software, and data security processes.

Leave IT to the pros

Most of us are in business to do something other than provide computer service. IT operations are not our strategic focus. So turning to cloud computing for data processing or IT applications for most of us is an improvement in how we handle our automated processes.

The fact of the matter is, more IT operations are moving into the cloud. Like it or not, we’ll all soon be doing most of our computing there, too.


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